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Improve & Refresh

Be More Productive

    • Being more productive is not just about efficiency. It’s about ease of access, availability of tools and clear workflows.
    • At Backbone we can help you understand where bottlenecks are, and what improvements can be made.
    • We help you harness the power of technology, not in grand projects, but in manageable, realistic steps.
    • This doesn’t just improve efficiency, it improves the quality of work, today.
    • Get in touch to discuss what we can do to make your staff work better and be more motivated.

Leverage Your IT budget

    • Doing IT properly means allocating a proper budget.
    • Every company wants the very best for their people, the quickest devices and the newest solutions.
    • But what do you need? That new video meeting room, or second fileserver, will it actually be used?
    • We’ll walk you through the trade-offs that exist in the world of IT and help you select just what you need.
    • Freeing up more budget, to be able to invest in the future.
    • Interested in knowing how our customers leverage their budgets via our Cloud platform?

Cloud telephony

  • Backbone works with award winning Unified Communications platform Swyx.
  • Swyx integrates voice, email, instant messaging, presence and application sharing into just one interface.
  • With our cloud VoIP, you can truly answer and dial your office phone from anywhere on any device.
  • Lower your cost, increase your availability, with the quality of an on-premises infrastructure, without having one.

Project consultancy

    • Changing your infrastructure,workflow or pursuing a cloud strategy can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned IT staff.
    • To make sure you’re staying on the right track, it’s a smart option to enlist experts who can help you where you need assistance and keep you focused on the end result.
    • At Backbone we tackle projects like office moves, infrastructure refreshes and application integration virtually every week.
    • We’ve learned a thing or two in managing a cloud platform with over 2000 people over the last decade. Use our knowledge to your advantage..

Office Moves

    • Moving offices is a challenge in itself. That’s why it’s useful to have an experienced partner.
    • Backbone focuses on moving your workforce and getting your new space up and running in record time.
    • What does such a project look like? What tasks have the longest lead time? But also; how can you use this opportunity to improve operations?
    • Our team can quickly outline what you need to look out for and will give you the tools to make your deadlines.

  • How can you get better results from your IT?
    Learn from our unique approach with a 15 minute consultation.

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