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Cloud Strategy & Office 365

    • Going to the cloud, is essentially outsourcing your IT hardware.
    • It enables your company to benefit from Enterprise level IT, without the capex.
    • Pursuing a private, hybrid or public cloud strategy, can be a daunting task, especially if you’re running older or complex applications.
    • At Backbone we work in our own highly secure cloud, as well as Microsoft 365 and Azure.
    • We back up everything (yes, crucially also Office 365) at the interval fitting for your business
    • We know the challenges associated with moving to cloud, mostly because more than 3500 people work on our platform every day.

High Performance Cloud Computing

    • Enable your workforce to run high performance applications with the power of our cloud, on any device, anywhere.
    • Are you in 3D modelling? Design? Video editing? Or do you just want the best there is, without being stuck to a workstation?
    • Easily scale your team with no big capex. New workstations in minutes with dedicated resources per team member.
    • Your data doesn’t need to exist on a local device, enabling collaboration without risk of data leaks.

Disaster & Workplace Recovery

    • Unplanned Downtime can be considered one of the biggest threats to every business, but only a third of companies plan for it.
    • It’s not just about saving your data and backup, it’s about getting your workforce back to generating revenue.
    • We can help you with everything from creating a disaster recovery plan to push button failover systems where your staff can be back online in minutes.
    • Don’t wait until it happens, Find out what you can do by downloading our DR checklist.

Improved Cyber Security

    • With all the convenience of applications today, security tends to get overlooked.
    • And though we are big fans of multi factor authentication,secure access and data protection, what about the people?
    • At Backbone we understand working securely should be easy and your workforce needs to understand what the risks are and how they can be avoided.
    • That’s why when we look at IT security, we are not just arming the systems, but people. By helping them understand and take ownership via training and quick courses.

Cloud and On-premises Backup

    • Even in the best environments things can get lost. This is why we backup all our offerings, including Office 365.
    • When incidents happens, either by accident or because of hardware failure, every company needs to have measures in place to get data back.
    • But what level of backup do you require? Will you be running a full, incremental or differential backup? And more importantly; why go a certain direction?
    • All options have their merits, but there is likely only one correct way to go for your company.
    • Let us help you find what route is best for you and make sure you’re not paying for technology you don’t need.

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