About Us

Every company should have access to Enterprise Class IT Backbone enables mid-market Organisations to compete on the
same footing as the largest Enterprises. Our highly personal IT services improve business productivity and secure data assets.

Backbone provides IT services
for UK based SME’s.

  • A single point of contact for all your IT questions
  • A unique approach to maximise results
  • Strong industry partnerships
  • Growth through knowledge sharing

About Backbone (UK) Limited

At Backbone, we aim to deliver peace of mind and a helping hand around all things IT. A core value that still holds true for us after more than two decades. We know we must keep innovating to be able to maximize our customers’ results. We know technology drives business, but people create value.

From the hands-on management of on-site infrastructure to our own secure Hosting platform, we support the spine of our customers business.
We deliver a stable, friendly and clear work environment for about 3500 people, every day, representing about 1bn £ in turnover.

On a site, as well as in our helpdesk, we employ fully certified engineers who are not only technologically skilled but also able to explain complex IT-challenges in language everyone can understand.
We also understand we can’t be the best at everything; we work together with the best and brightest in the industry. From market leaders like Microsoft to companies pushing the envelope, like PURE storage.

Backbone is based in the heart of Central London, with other offices in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Both our Leeds an London datacentres are tier 3 ISO 27001 PCI compliant